Galician Automotive Cluster

Partner profile

Name Galician Automotive Cluster
Acronym CEAGA
Country Spain
Cluster Excellence Label Gold label
Total numer of members 122
Number of SME members 90
Website www.ceaga.com
Email borja.dapena@ceaga.com
Address Edificio Zona Franca, Rúa de Citroën, 3 y 5, Vigo


The CEAGA’s vision is to position the Galician Automotive Sector as a Global Leader in terms of competitiveness and sustainability by 2025, contributing to the progress and quality of life of our region. To reach this goal, the Galician Automotive Cluster Foundation (CEAGA) promotes high-impact cooperative projects, which benefit the Galician Automotive Sector as a whole, improving aspects such as:
  • Competitiveness, in terms of quality and cost
  • Flexibility when adapting to changes in the market
  • Innovation and technological capacity
  • Development of the industrial framework and economy
  • Sectorial cooperation
  • The integral development of individuals
  • Commitment to the region

Support services provided

  • Training programmes in line with our Strategic Plan and adjusted to the companies’ needs. 
  • Industrial excellence (lean manufacturing, “benchmanager” and collaboration programme). 
  • Industry 4.0 support (think-tank of experts; awareness events and exchange of experiences; specialized training; regional, national and European grants related with industrial transformation, etc.).
  • Joint purchasing (electricity, channelled natural gas, phone, journeys, stationery, etc.).
  • Support to entrepreneurship through the Business Factory Auto initiative.
  • Support to the companies’ international expansion and business development (tools for commercial support, meetings with potential customers, market prospection journeys, international events, etc.). 
  • Working groups in areas of common interest to share experiences and know best practices. 
  • Networking events with other companies in the Sector.  


CEAGA is a cluster organization that represents the entire value chain of the Automotive Sector of Galicia, that is, all those companies that are dedicated to the manufacture of vehicles and components in large series, as well as those companies belonging to the chain of auxiliary value.

The CEAGA's vision is to situate the Galician Automotive industry in the position of competitiveness and sustainability leader in a global level in a 2025 horizon, contributing to the progress and quality of life in our region. With this objective, promotes high-impact cooperative projects to improve the competitiveness of the Galician automotive industry.  

CEAGA gathers the whole automotive industry in Galicia: the car maker, the Groupe PSA Center of Vigo, more than 130 component manufacturers and service providers and the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia, CTAG. 

Over the years, CEAGA has enabled the sector to develop initiatives of high strategic value, thus becoming a reference cluster in Spain and Europe. Proof of this is the fact that the Ministy of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) keeps the CEAGA Foundation in the Innovative Business Groupings (AEI) Register, with the category of "excellent", after assessing its level of excellence. 

CEAGA carries out its activity under the framework of the Galician Government Cluster Policy through the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE), who funds the initiatives included in the Action Plan, P3CA 2025, which is our Cluster roadmap.

At international level, CEAGA is the first automotive cluster in Europe with the Cluster Organization Management Excellence Gold Label. After successfully passing an exhaustive audit consisting in the analysis of 31 management indicators, CEAGA joins the Cluster Excellence Expert Group (CEEG), composed of representatives of cluster organizations also holding this award.

The "Gold Label" is awarded by the "European Secretariat Clusters Analysis" (ESCA). It is an independent accreditation and a tool for clusters, accepted and recognized all over Europe, which also offers the opportunity to be part of the Cluster Excellence Expert Group (CEEG); in fact CEAGA was vice president from 2014 to 2015.

This way, the CEAGA Foundation became the first Spanish organization to be involved in the management of this group, which represents the elite of excellent clusters, besides being the first European automotive cluster which holds this seal of quality.