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Improve your competitiveness!
Share costs and risks for innovation!
Collaborate in R&D or joint investment projects!

Strategic Level

Improve competitiveness of European automotive industry
Accompany SMEs in industrial modernisation to face challenges (industry 4.0, new processes and production methods, electrification, connected and autonomous vehicles)
Strengthen European automotive cluster collaboration for improved added-value services for members

Practical Level

Boost collaboration among cluster members
Facilitate and initiate common R&D or joint investment projects
Enhance and increase cluster collaboration
Design a road-map for EACN’s long-lasting cooperation and growth
About Projects

Participate in the EACN project!

  • Discover Factory of the Future challenges for automotive SMEs
  • Learn from best practices exchanges
  • Find partners at international virtual and physical business to business/matchmaking events
  • Get an audit to identify your needs for industrial modernisation
  • Obtain assistance in project partner search
  • Benefit from co-funded expert support
  • Start cooperation among regions
News & Events

Latest News

Get the Latest News and Activities of the European Automotive Cluster Network

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    First EACN Matchmaking Event in Barcelona

    The first Matchmaking Event of the EACN initiative was held on 1 -2 October, in Barcelona.

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    Matchmaking Event on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    First Matchmaking Event of the EACN initiative.

  • Ewa Dudzic bn.jpg

    Interview to Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster

    We interviewed Ewa Dudzic, EACN Project Team Member at Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Cluster.

  • DSC_1649.jpg

    Thematic workshop "Robotics and artificial intelligence"

    A small look at the thematic workshop on robotics and artificial intelligence organized by the Automotive Cluster of Catalonia (CIAC)

  • CEAGA.jpg

    Thematic workshop "Elasticity of production processes in SMEs"

    Overview of the EACN workshop held on 2 July and organised by the French automotive cluster Pole Vehicule du Futur

  • saam.jpg

    Thematic workshop "virtualisation for planning processes"

    Summary of the online workshop that took place last Tuesday 18th, organised for the Automotive Cluster of Serbia.

  • Clotilde_Nadé_PVF.jpg

    Interview to Pôle Véhicule du Futur, leader of the EACN project

    We interviewed Clotilde Nadé, European projects manager at the cluster "Pôle Véhicule du Futur".

  • IMG_0087 2.jpg

    EACN project wins first European award for best cluster project in industrial modernisation

    This award is a distinction to the great work that the automotive clusters of the project are doing with SMEs to support them in their industrial modernisation processes.

  • EACN_Steering_Committee_Meeting.png

    First Steering Committee Meeting

    The first Steering Committee Meeting of the project EACN was celebrated on April 24. During this meeting it was summarized what has been done in the last 6 months and future events.

  • ACS.jpg

    Summary of the online workshops

    Two online workshops were organised related to the topics on which the project is based, in order to find out the opinion of SMEs and to discuss with them.

  • EACN_workshop_April_4.png


    Workshop "Robotics + Industry 4.0 competencies"

  • Workshop_EACN_13_3_19-01.jpg


    Workshop "Virtualisation + Elasticity of production processes"

  • meeting_katowice.jpg

    Conclusions of the EACN project’s meeting in Katowice, Poland

  • EACN_meeting_Katowice_Poland.jpg


    Meeting in Katowice

  • Meeting in Mulhouse


    Kick-off meeting and BE 4.0 (Industry of the Future) exhibition

  • EACN Graphic 2 copia.jpg

    EACN promotes cooperative projects and joint investments for the modernisation of the automotive industry

  • Sin título-2-01.jpg

    Nine European automotive clusters join to promote cooperative projects and share good practices