This section presents projects co-funded by the European Union with at least three EACN members participating in the consortium.

RESIST – REsilience through Sustainable processes and production for the European automotive InduSTry

RESIST brings together 5 clusters: 3 Automotive Transport Mobility clusters: CEAGA from Spain, Autoklastr from Czech Republic and Pôle Véhicule du Futur from France and 2 manufacturing and digital clusters: iDiA from Spain and Biz-up from Austria. RESIST is a euro cluster which aims at helping more than 100 SMEs in their effort to become more sustainable and resilient, through co-funding for innovation projects, coaching and mentoring services, networking, training, and internationalisation services.

Project partners

Duration09.2022 – 02.2025
Grant agreement101074204
Budget1.400.000 €
CoordinatorPôle Véhicule du Futur, France

Co-funded by the SMP COSME programme
of the European Union
WebsiteRESIST Eurocluster
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EVOLUTE – wE striVe fOr cLUsTer Excellence in the Automotive and Land Machine Industry

EVOLUTE consisting of 6 clusters from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Spain aims at building high performance clusters in the Automotive and Land Machinery Industry. Existing industry-relevant data will be analysed, future outcomes will be discussed with (industry-) partners to gain comprehensive knowledge to underline strategic decisions.

The results are intended to 1. sustainably raise the clusters to a new level of quality and 2. help companies and employees to be prepared for future challenges (e.g. disruptive developments, digital & green transformation, challenges due to Covid-19) through new offers and services.

Project partners

Duration02.2022 – 01.2024
Grant agreement101037932
Budget500.000 €
CoordinatorWirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn GmbH, Germany

Co-funded by the COSME programme
of the European Union
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EACN for joint industrial modernisation investments

The European Automotive Cluster Network is an European project that aimed at strengthening Cluster-to-Cluster cooperation via a common collaboration strategy and joint cluster actions; at boosting competitiveness of cluster members, especially SMEs, via business creation, the initiation of collaborative research projects and of joint investments in industrial modernisation in the field of Industry of the Future; and at building a strategic interregional collaboration and strong industry cooperation focused on four pillars:

– Virtualisation for planning processes (simulation and modelling)
– Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes
– Elasticity of production processes in SMEs
– Skills and competences of people

Project partners
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Duration10.2018 – 01.2021
Grant agreement821989
Budget475.000 €
CoordinatorPôle Véhicule du Futur, France

Co-funded by the COSME programme
of the European Union
The project has been labelled ESCP-S3 project.
WebsiteEACN project website (static backup)