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RESIST Eurocluster (09.2022 – 02.2025)

RESIST Resilience Check

An Excel Tool to check resilience for SMEs with a focus on automotive industry

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Publication year: 2023 - Funding: COSME - Language: English
EACN for Joint Industrial Modernisation Investments (10.2018 to 01.2021)

Drivers and motivators for industrial modernisation in the Automotive Industry

The report presents main trends and events having impact on the way global value chains and business models in automotive will evolve. The analysis was provided from October 2018 until February 2019 by way of intelligence gathering based on available market studies, trend analyses, policy papers, sector forecasts, expert opinions. The report includes a profile of the four topics: (1) the virtualisation of processes, (2) the incorporation of robotics and artificial intelligence, (3) the configuration of flexible, modular and adaptable production lines, (4) the development of new employees’ competencies.

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Project reportKey words: AUTOMOTIVE, TRENDS
Publication year: 2019 - Funding: COSME - Del.: D2.1 - Language: English
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