EVOLUTE consisting of 6 clusters from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Spain aims at building high performance clusters in the Automotive and Land Machinery Industry. Existing industry-relevant data will be analysed, future outcomes will be discussed with (industry-) partners to gain comprehensive knowledge to underline strategic decisions.

The results are intended to 1. sustainably raise the clusters to a new level of quality and 2. help companies and employees to be prepared for future challenges (e.g. disruptive developments, digital & green transformation, challenges due to Covid-19) through new offers and services.

Project partners

Duration02.2022 – 01.2024
Grant agreement101037932
Budget500.000 €
CoordinatorWirtschaftsförderung Raum Heilbronn GmbH, Germany

Co-funded by the COSME programme
of the European Union
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