On 21. February 2022, the following EACN member clusters signed a Memorandum of Understanding about their future collaboration in the framework of European Digital Innovation Hubs (eDIH):

Pôle Véhicule du Futur as consortium leader of the eDIH DEDIHCATED BFC (Burgundy Franche-Comté, France)
French cluster Pôle TES as consortium leader of the eDIH DIHNANO (Normandy, France) as well as
NextMove as consortium partner
Mobinov as consortium leader of the eDIH DIH 4 Global Automotive (Portugal)
Ceaga as consortium leader of the eDIH DIHGIGAL – Digital Innovation Hub of the Galician Industry (Galicia, Spain)

The engagement

The partners engage in collaborating to facilitate the cooperation between their respective eDIHs and further clusters with the aim to ensure the European dimension of their services and work through such as

  • Networking,
  • Know-how sharing and joint awareness raising activities
  • Services and trainings,
  • Mutualisation of expertise and testing and experimentation facilities for SMEs,
  • European cooperation projects between SMEs or eDIH themselves,
  • And all other activities with European added value.

Potential mutually proposed tasks are the following

  • Joint eDIH services
  • Joint Funding: exploring potential project portfolio with other EU
  • Collaboration in training programmes
  • Collaboration in MatchMaking and dissemination events
  • Collaboration in pilots and test beds

The partners are open to welcome further eDIH for collaboration.

Read the full MoU here.